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AGEE Publications

Unterhalter, E. (2021). ‘A longer view: conceptualising education, identity and the public good in 1917 and 2016’, in S. Carney and E. Klerides (eds.), Identities and Education: Comparative Perspectives in Times of Crisis. London: Bloomsbury (pp.203-221).


Unterhalter, E., Peppin Vaughan, R. and Longlands, H. (2022) 'Gender, institutions and intersecting inequalities in education: Selecting indicators for the AGEE framework', presentation at the Human Development and Capability Association Conference, Antwerp, 20th September 2022.

Longlands, H and Peppin Vaughan, R. (2022) 'Education, International Development and the AGEE Project', presentation to the Windle Trust, UCL IOE, 22nd April 2022.