Towards gender equality in education


Accountability for Gender Equality in Education (AGEE) is an innovative project which has developed an indicator framework for gender equality in education through critical participatory discussion at local, national, and international levels. The AGEE project is a partnership between universities in Malawi, South Africa and the UK, working with UNESCO and other UN agencies, bilateral donors and a range of civil society organisations. AGEE has been funded by the ESRC, the FCDO and IDRC-KIX.

  • Our framework for measuring gender equality in education is designed for use at national and international levels to support local and global commitments to equality, social justice and sustainable development. 
  • Our framework is both robust and flexible. This means it is responsive to changing local, national and international contexts and issues, and sensitive to pressing contemporary issues including pandemics, emergencies and the climate crisis.  
  • We have developed our gender equality framework and process for selecting indicators in dialogue with country partners to ensure these capture specific issues on the ground and can support national education departments in policy and practice.
  • We are building a global community of practice that brings together a wide range of experts on gender equality and education, from civil society, women’s rights movements and academia to governments and international organisations. 

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The AGEE Story



A central focus of AGEE’s work is generating an indicator framework through participatory and critical processes, not solely on the basis of technical expertise. The research design at all stages of the project has involved engagement with users situated in international, national and local settings. Through this participatory design we aim to build engagement, deepen insight, and develop a global ‘community of practice’.

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Latest publication

‘Counting on data? Reflections from work on the AGEE Framework on gender, global governance and formations of accountability’. Forthcoming presentation at BAICE Conference, 3rd-5th September 2024.


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Gender Data and Statistics – measurement of social norms

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